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A Very Special Discount from Octobo to Help Kids Keep Learning During Coronavirus School Closures

A Very Special Discount from Octobo to Help Kids Keep Learning During Coronavirus School Closures

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Our thoughts are with you and your families during these uncertain times. As we all are in shock and are contemplating the next steps dealing with all the changes that COVID-19 has brought to the world. We are with you, we are also parents now working from home and have to wrestle with childcare at the same time — Thinker-Tinker wants to help and provide support to our community. 

Octobo was created to be an educational companion and, as schools and centers close due to the coronavirus, we hope Octobo can provide a way to continue learning at home. Starting now, we are offering a special discount to make Octobo more available to families that need such learning tools to keep their kids on top of their learning routines.




Our friends at  Dadventures collected this list of advice from international families to help you prepare for being at home.  7 Unexpected Stages of Being Stuck Home with Kids Because of the Coronavirus


Their Key Recommendations are:

  1. Accept the ugly truth that schools may be shut down 2-3 months, not just 2-3 weeks.
  2. Build a legit daily schedule to get you and your family accustomed to being home all the time.
  3. Proactively try out playful, physical, and creative activities that help your family have fun together.


And we do hope that Octobo can help families going through this tough time a little easier.


The Octobo Starter Pack comes with the smart plush and Octobo’s Underwater Adventure storykit that helps kids develop critical thinking & logic, teaches how to identify & organize visual information, and learn shapes and patterns - the foundation of mathematics!


And the  Great Letter Search (available in the Advanced Pack) teaches letters, spelling and vocabulary with interactive games that help improve focus, memory and motor skills.

Additionally, our Play Guide that comes with the Octobo packs provides 12 more games and activities for kids to learn with Octobo’s tool kit.




Make sure to join our  Facebook group for additional resources from our community of parents and care-givers.


Thinker-Tinker is dedicated to building a community with innovative resources and we are always here to answer your questions. We hope our Octobo interactive plush companion can provide some essential value to overcome this difficult time together. 




We hope you and your families stay healthy, and we appreciate your support and efforts in keeping our global community safe.



Team Thinker-Tinker

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