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Activities To Improve Your Toddler’s Development

Activities To Improve Your Toddler’s Development

According to Living & Loving, a trusted authority on motherhood and parenting, it is important to expose your child to as many developmental activities as early on as possible. The best developmental activities your child can learn are through play. Play is crucial to a healthy brain development. Studies show that some of the best brain and body boosting activities for toddlers one to three years old are gross-motor skills, fine-motor skills, social, sensory, and music. 

Meet Octobo, an award-winning educational smart plush that enables development through interactive play. By playing with Octobo, your child will increase their gross-motor skills, fine-motor skills, social, sensory, and even learn musical skills! Don’t just believe us, read what others are saying about Octobo.

Jason Bracelin, an editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, recently discussed Octobo’s appdiscussed Octobo’s app and storybook interactivity.

We know our kids are going to be on screens a lot, so how do we make that learning and how to make that something more active than just watching Youtube. Octobo is interesting in how it is a single toy that operates on many different levels.

Covered in sensors, Octobo combines games, content, apps, storybooks and interactive pieces to use touch and cognitive association to enhance motor skills and social interaction during some of your child’s first learning experiences.

Abi Berwager Schreier of Romper, a leading blog for millennial mothers, recently reviewed Octobo’s technology.

This incredible plush toy combines sensory experiences and technology to provide tangible learning opportunities that kids of all ages can really get their hands on, whether it’s playing the interactive games with Octobo, reading stories, learning fine and gross motor skills through soft touch, or all of the above. So instead of your kid passively learning by staring at your tablet screen, you simply insert a tablet into the Octobo and he comes to life through the app that the parent controls.

Jennifer Swartvagher of Red Tricycle, an activity blog for parents and their child, explored the STEM capabilities of Octobo

Resembling a stuffed animal, it was designed as a tool to help improve your child’s motor skills using innovative sensory technology. Compatible with tablets up to 8 inches, this cuddly STEM toy uses an accompanying educational app to help screen time become more interactive.

We are honored that Ai Thority, which is an artificial intelligence publication as its name implies, reviewed Octobo’s AI platform.

Octobo was designed with a team of development experts to improve motor skills and social interaction through innovative sensory technology. 

Bring home Octobo today to begin your child’s developmental needs. Through guided storybooks, interactive tokens, and educational apps, your child will learn ABC's, spelling, rhythm, coordination, and more! 

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