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Meet our fuzzy friend, Octobo, and explore ALL of his fun features (there's a lot more than eight legs to love!).

Enter the Village of Puzmo

Octobo and his friends live at the very center of the world’s surface. It is a magical place called Puzmo Village that can only be reached on foot. Puzmo is a crazy little village with cute monsters that are full of energy and questions- they always have lots of questions. Puzmo’s exact location is unknown to man and has been a long-held secret passed along only by word of mouth or a magical invitation.

Meet Octobo's Friends

Octobo's furry and colorful friends make every adventure more fun. Catch them in games, books and kits!

The Storybook Adventures

In Puzmo, there is always magic in the air and adventures to unfold with Octobo and his friends. They are the village’s most curious and active explorers, driven by a constant urge to learn. Discover fun Storykits to use with your Octobo or explore new Storybooks to enjoy on their own as you embark on new learning journeys.

Did You Know?

The use of educational technologies like Octobo for the development of early learning is supported by:

Screen Time Reimagined

Discover engaging, effective learning for kids that will transform the promise of 'screen time'.

Increase Vocabulary

naturally and effectively through interactive play.

Problem Solving

through collaboration and supported critical thinking.

Emotional Growth

thanks to smart soft sensors that react to your child's cues.

Parental Controls

for easy, customizable settings on your schedule.

What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?

So much more than a toy – our products encourage natural, interactive play for engaging, in-depth learning.

Let's Play

Discover all the ways you can play and learn with Octobo!


Practice phonetic awareness skills with over 80 unique words in Octobo’s fun filled games with the Great Letter Search Storykit.


Guide Octobo through underwater adventures using visual organization and critical thinking play.


Octobo is packed with exciting mini-games - all designed for easy fun on-the-go!


Extend your favorite Octobo activities with the Octobo Fun and Games App - download it on iOS and Android now!


Unite fine-motor and gross-motor skills with upbeat musical games that challenge your focus and coordination.


Each of Octobo’s storybooks comes with unique interactive activities and a free audio book for even more reading fun!

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Octobo Grows With You

Octobo is your learning buddy from infancy through elementary.

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