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Octobo DIY Pumpkin Carving

Octobo DIY Pumpkin Carving

It's spooky season and we are ready to get crafty with Octobo – not only our educational, storytelling tech toy, but also our crafty companion! Pumpkin carving is a classic Halloween activity and there is nothing more exciting than making time to prepare and celebrate the holidays with family.


Get into the Halloween spirit with this easy, Octobo pumpkin carving idea! Transfer the likes of your toy robot to a fun, holiday crafting project. Follow along with the steps below to make your own one-eyed jack-o-lantern.



Octobo DIY Pumpkin Carving Instructions:

  1. Gather your pumpkin carving supplies! You'll need some type of carving knife, a scooper, your design stencil, and of course a pumpkin! Download the Octobo design here.
  2. Place your pumpkin on a stable, flat surface. With your carving knife, cut a circle through the top of the pumpkin, around the stem. Set the cutout aside.
  3. Hollow out the pumpkin by removing the seeds and pumpkin pulp. (*Fun Tip: Save the pumpkin seeds to roast later in the oven. They make the perfect season snack!)
  4. Transfer the design to the pumpkin. Tape the stencil template around your pumpkin to hold it in place. Create an outline around the design by poking around with your carving tools.
  5. Remove the template and finish carving. Using your outline, finish up the details and cutouts.
Bring your new jack-o-lantern (Oct-o-Lantern ??) to life by illuminating the carved pumpkin using a battery-operated candle or even glowsticks!


Make sure to share your creations and tag us @PlayOctobo as you get ready for this spooky season! Happy Halloween!


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