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Octobo in the Big City!

Octobo in the Big City!

Last year, we announced our latest storybook in our collection of education books and toys, Octobo’s Big City Adventure. We were not prepared for the overwhelming support! Our first batch of inventory flew off the shelves (or rather, out of our fulfillment center)! In this third installment of the Octobo smart robot series, Octobo finds himself in a completely new city environment. He journeys through downtown and discovers new sights along the way. Just as Octobo is learning about new things, readers can follow along and discover new sights as well! With the 6 dry-erase Discovery Cards, readers are tasked with identifying different objects and imagining what’s inside; all while practicing new vocabulary, spelling and writing skills. It’s perfect for toddlers 2-7 years old. Supercharge their learning with this educational storybook!



To help accompany children's imaginations and reading comprehension, this book includes:

  • A hardcover storybook filled with different items and prompts to discover.
  • New Discovery Card game system, that includes six reusable dry-erase cards that foster creativity and encourage imagination that will lead to collaborative teamwork in future years! 


Octobo’s Big City Adventure is also available as a children’s audiobook in our latest  Octobo Audiobooks app. Perfect for bedtime stories for children or when our Octolings want to take a break – let Octobo read to your little Inkers!


The Octobo Audiobooks app offers two fun modes:

  1. Read with Octobo and connect your  Octobo plush  to your device. Let Octobo himself tell you about his experiences in the big city!
  2. Use the standalone app. Follow along on your device!


The app also features Octobo’s first two learning through play storykit books, Octobo’s Underwater Adventure and the Great Letter Search. With customizable features, you can read along with or without the prompts depending on how you want to enjoy the stories.

Download now and share your play and reading experience with Octobo! Tag us @playOctobo on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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