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Octobo Tips & Tricks: How to Store Tokens

Octobo Tips & Tricks: How to Store Tokens

I keep misplacing Octobo’s interactive storybook tokens!

Where should I store them?


My kids love using Octobo as a learning toy and to help them learn to read! The interactive story kits along with the tokens are a great way to combine hands on structured and unstructured play! After having purchased both the Underwater Adventure storykit with six tokens and The Great Letter Search storykit with 26 tokens, I’m finding it difficult to keep track of all 32 tokens. Do you have any suggestions for how to store them? 


No worries, we’ve got a solution for you! We suggest storing tokens in Octobo's battery pouch! We have intentionally constructed the Octobo plush toy to have additional space in the battery pouch so you can keep tokens or his extra leaves in there without worry of them going missing. 

Simply flip over Octobo, and you’ll notice on his underside a velcro pocket. That’s where his battery is stored and you can conveniently fit your interactive storykit tokens inside!
You can store up to 26 tokens inside the battery pouch and which is especially great for travelling. If you have more tokens or want a carrying case that is more secure, we suggest using the original Great Letter Search storykit box. We specially designed it to be reusable and perfect for at home storage of tokens.

If you lose any interactive storykit tokens, be sure to email us at help@playoctobo.com and we can help you to order a replacement order at discount.


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