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Octobo Tips & Tricks: How to Clean Octobo!

Octobo Tips & Tricks: How to Clean Octobo!

Oh no! I dropped Octobo in the sandbox! How do I clean him?

With all the mayhem that comes from staying at home during quarantine, our Octobo is being played with now more than ever before! Not only is he a great educational toy, but he’s the best cuddling buddy. So it’s easy to imagine that he’s starting to get a little dirty. From the kids playing in the backyard to tea party messes, Octobo is getting some wear and tear. But don’t worry, Octobo is very easy to clean! We handpicked his custom, hypoallergenic fabric, which has very short fur and is therefore easy to wipe clean. So here’s our step by step guide to cleaning Octobo and keeping him looking fresher than ever:

  1. We recommend that you remove thekid’s tablet before wiping him down. Because Octobo has sensors in his body to enable his smart play technology, do not soak the plush in water. 
  2. Use a dry brush to remove all the loose particles. 
  3. Take a damp cloth and spot clean. Don’t worry, because he is a  plush toy, you can be a little rough. We have taken into consideration the pulling and tugging that comes along with play, so when it’s time to clean up, don’t feel like you need to be extra gentle.
  4. For hard to clean spots, feel free to use your favorite kid-friendly cleaning products to help wipe him down! Because he’s a  plush toy, make sure you avoid bleach products. 
  5. That’s it! Regularly cleaning and wiping him down will help keep him looking fresh and new!

Because Octobo is a learning toy filled with sensors, like all electronic devices, please wait until Octobo is completely dry and turn him off to avoid electric damage. Even though Octobo is easy to clean, try avoiding liquid damage as much as possible. Make sure you watch water bottles or drinking cups around the play area.



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