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Trolls-riffic new game, Trolls Music Stars is out now! Download and play today!

Trolls-riffic new game, Trolls Music Stars is out now! Download and play today!

Trolls Music Stars is now available! We are so excited to share with you this beat-slashing, rhythm remix game! We’ve always been passionate about reimagining and redefining what we call ‘games’ and developing new technologies that are exciting, interactive, and innovative for children’s toys and games for all ages; so we are excited to bring you Trolls Music Stars, an integrated musical play experience.

From our participation on Comcast Universal’s LiftLabs program, we developed a relationship with DreamWorks and Universal, partnering to create interactive toys and what has now become Trolls Music Stars. We were super excited to establish this connection and innovate on their iconic Trolls IP featuring characters from the filmTrolls World Tour starring Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake — a sequel to the 2016 smash hitTrolls. Now you get to create their own Trolls avatars and challenge their favorite Trolls – like Poppy, Branch, and Tiny Diamond – to upbeat dance battles!



This fun-filled musical rhythm game features all the official DreamWorks Trolls music you love from Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, and more! It includes unique digital AR passes that allow you to travel around the Trolls Kingdom to collect exclusive accessories, music clips, and dance moves to upgrade your Trolls. Each digital AR pass features a unique design that is scannable in the game. Each scan unlocks a secret daily dance battle PLUS unlocks special items and zones in the game adding to the magical playing experience. Create your own Trolls avatar and accessorize your character with these unlocked items and rock on!



We work hard to make great products happen and we are so excited to bring you another immersive game with these iconic DreamWorks characters! Our exclusive character AR pass lineup includes POPPY, BRANCH, BARB, and TINY DIAMOND. Get ready for beat-bouncing action through the TROLLS KINGDOM as you dance through challenges to unlock and earn rewards. Designed for EVERYONE who loves music and DreamWorks Trolls!



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