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Octobo Tips & Tricks: Using Your Smartphone

Octobo Tips & Tricks: Using Your Smartphone

The Octobo apps can be used on a variety of devices, including your phone!

Octobo is compatible with mobile devices up to 8 inches. That means, Octobo can be used withboth your phone and tablet! Your device will be secured inside the Octobo plush with velcro and zippers. For the best experience, we recommend using a 7-8" tablet, like the iPad mini, 8” Galaxy Tab A, or Amazon Fire (7th Generation). But don’t feel limited to these devices! 

If you are using your phones, we have a cool feature to optimize the look on a smaller screen. You canadjust Octobo’s face in the settings. Go to Settings > Adjust Face and you will be asked to insert your device into the Octobo plush. You can drag his eye and mouth up and down, AND shrink or enlarge his face so it is fitted for your device.

The Octobo apps can be used on a variety of devices, tablets are the easiest to use, but phones are great for travelling when you don’t want to carry an extra device or deal with extra bulk. All of our Octobo apps run on any devices with iOS software 6.0 and up, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and up, and Amazon Fire OS and up.

We hope these tips help! Have another idea that’s not listed? We’d love to hear them and share with our community. Email us athello@playoctobo.com to let us know. 


*Make sure to check back at our blog once in a while for new suggestions! We will continue to expand our Tips and Tricks series, to help you take the best care of Octobo! Be sure to also check out our youtube series: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjLACbEAt28GeAsJOFkxnz8mWHyfkXLBm
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