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Octobo Tips & Tricks: Traveling with Octobo

Octobo Tips & Tricks: Traveling with Octobo

During quarantine, our family has been going on a lot of social-distance-friendly, family road trips. Naturally, spending all that time in the car can be tough for my three year old, so we always bring Octobo along for the ride, along with the interactive storybooks and tokens, to help with the entertainment. Octobo is a great travel buddy, so we wanted to know if you had any tips or tricks for traveling with him on the road?

Yes, Octobo is a great companion to take along with you on all of your adventures outside of his storybooks! We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for how to take Octobo on the go!


  1. Use Octobo as a pillow on long journeys! As a plush toy he’s super comfy and when the kid’s tablet/device and battery pack is removed he can be used as a sleeping buddy. 
  2. You can easily pack Octobo in your baggage. As a plush toy, he is lightweight and easy to pack. When storing Octobo in luggage, we suggest removing the batteries from his pouch and making sure your phone or kid’s tablet is not inside. To ensure long-lasting play, we have constructed Octobo to allow him to be poked and prodded. That means you can pack and compress him. He is especially huggable on his sides, but try to avoid pressing down hard from the top due to his sensors. Don’t worry, he’s pretty flexible! We encourage you to fold his arms along his body. 
  3. Store Octobo’s hat where you normally insert your device! This helps make Octobo even more compact, and able to fit in tight spaces.
  4. For tips on how to store Octobo’s tokens (which is great for travel) see our other blog post here.

We hope these tips help! Have another idea that’s not listed? We’d love to hear them and share with our community. Email us at hello@playoctobo.com to let us know. 


*Make sure to check back at our blog once in a while for new suggestions! We will continue to expand our Tips and Tricks series, to help you take the best care of Octobo! Be sure to also check out our youtube series! 

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