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A Setback or Opportunity? How Octobo Can Help Families During COVID-19

A Setback or Opportunity? How Octobo Can Help Families During COVID-19

As we enter April, we wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. Thinker-Tinker is here to support our community, especially during this time of uncertainty. Our vision has always been to create products to aid in kids education in a new and fun, interactive way. Now more than ever we are seeing the increase of screen time and hope Octobo can make a difference in our new routines. More than a cute stuffed animal for toddlers, Octobo provides innovative storytelling, an educational app, and unique games to provide early childhood education and learning in a mobile, expandable and upgradeable interface. 

We are offering some free materials and activity sheets for families to utilize, as well as a very special discount to make our products accessible to more families to help kids continue learning at home. 



It has been about three weeks since Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti announced the Safer at Home initiative to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Businesses, large and small, were advised to move all work remotely, and the regulations have been gradually increased to help combat the disease.


“It's disappointing but when you're a startup you have to learn to make the best of every situation,” Dinah Wisenberg Brin, Forbes

Our mission is to develop a new pattern of play with interactive products that transform mindless screen time into active, meaningful playtime. We are bringing multi-platform EDU-tainment experiences to the 0-7 age group. Forbes writer, Dinah Brin mentions that "so many small businesses [are] touched in some way by the coronavirus outbreak." Though these uncertain times seem to have no end, Thinker-Tinker has found an opportunity to help the community build a new routine for kids and families. With Octobo, we hope that he can become a companion for learning and play. With interactive storykits that focus on different developmental stages, we believe Octobo can be a great tool for homeschooling while families are in quarantine.


"Living through a pandemic means companies need to be sensitive to how they sell. It's a time of service and community building for companies around the world." Aliza Licht, Forbes 


Licht, Forbes contributor and creator of LEAVE YOUR MARK, interviewed our founder to gain insight on how entrepreneurs are pivoting during this crisis. Learning for toddlers and kids ages 0-7 can be tough. Finding resources, time, and tools for varying age groups and making it work in the home environment is something many are not prepared for. We at Thinker-Tinker hope we can provide some relief for families and solutions to keep kids on top of their learning routines.


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