Your Interactive Plush Octopus Companion

OCTOBO was selected for the alternate controller showcase at the 2016 Game Developers Conference, the world's largest professional game industry event!

OCTOBO makes family storytime soft, cuddly, and magical again.

OCTOBO is a reactive plush octopus toy that comes with a storybook. As parents and children read the book together, they discover what OCTOBO wants, give him things they find in the book, interact with OCTOBO, and see him respond to them.

He has a tablet display on his head and soft sensors throughout his body.


OCTOBO uses the same tablet you and your kids are already playing with!


At heart, OCTOBO is a soft, cuddly plush stuffed with soft sensors that let him react to you.


OCTOBO's storybooks make family storytime more interactive, with magical goodies from OCTOBO's world.


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