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Setup Issues

When first opening the Octobo Story app on a device, the games and content will be downloaded.

The download requires at least 1.12 GB of available storage during setup.

You can make storage available by deleting items on your device.

Please do not turn off the device during the downloading process.

Please do not turn off the device while the content is being downloaded.

Turning off the device or navigating outside of the app can cause an interruption in the download. If this issue persists, try fully quitting the app and restarting the setup process.

Connection Issues

Octobo's LED lights indicate his connection status.

When his second light is flashing green, Octobo is in pairing mode. Make sure Bluetooth is turned "ON" and the device is in close proximity with Octobo. Octobo's first light blinks red when his batteries are low. When the lights are off, Octobo is in Sleep/Energy Saving Mode or turned "OFF."

To wake Octobo from Sleep/Energy Saving Mode, press and hold the Star button for 3 seconds.

Octobo is connected via Bluetooth. Make sure your device has Bluetooth turned "ON."

If all settings are correct but Octobo is not connecting, follow these steps:

1. Put Octobo in Sleep/Energy Saving Mode

2. Quit the Octobo app

3. Turn OFF Bluetooth, then turn it back ON

4. Reopen the Octobo app and login

5. Wake Octobo by pressing and holding the Star button for 3 seconds

Octobo may disconnect during the game if the Bluetooth connection was interrupted, the battery is dead, or Octobo has entered Sleep/Energy Saving Mode.

If your Bluetooth connection was interrupted, but your Bluetooth settings remain "ON," Octobo will be in pairing mode. Pairing mode is indicated by the flashing green LED light. If Octobo's light is flashing green, wait a few moments and Octobo should reconnect!

Was Octobo's LED light flashing red? If Octobo's first LED light was flashing red, it means that his batteries are dead. Replace Octobo's batteries and continue to play!

The Star button can be pressed and held to put Octobo into Sleep/Energy Saving Mode. Make sure your little Inker hasn't held down the Star button. To wake up Octobo, simply press and hold the Star button for 3 seconds.

Sensor Issues

Make sure Octobo is "ON" and connected. Octobo is fully connected when his LED lights are blue.

If Octobo is "ON" but his LED lights are off, he is in Sleep/Energy Saving Mode. Press and hold the Star button for 3 seconds to wake him.

You can check if your plush sensors are working by navigating to the support panel.

From the home scene, tap the settings icon (gear image). Tap "support panel." Make sure your plush is connected and touch the sensor. The diagram will highlight the sensor that is triggered.

Did it light up?

If the corresponding sensor lit up on screen, your sensor is fully functioning.

If the corresponding image did not light up, please contact help@playoctobo.com.

If you have misplaced some of the storykit tokens, please email help@playoctobo.com and we will work with you to replace the lost storykit materials.

Octobo Tip: We suggest storing tokens in Octobo's battery pouch! We have intentionally constructed Octobo to have additional space in the battery pouch so you can keep tokens or his extra leaves in there without worry of them going missing.

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