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Octobo's Underwater Adventure Mini Games


Our latest addition to the Octobo Story app is Octobo's Underwater Adventure Mini Games! These mini games correspond to the Underwater Adventure mini game and make use of your Underwater Interactive Tokens.


Game 1: TOKEN I.D.

Token I.D. is an interactive game that helps your child learn shapes, patterns, and colors. Select from two levels to test their skills! Octobo will show a color, shape, or pattern on screen. It's your child's job to identify the matching token they have and place it in Octobo's bowl. Start on "easy" and allow Octobo to give hints. As your child builds up their skills, level up to the hard level!



Once your child learns to identify each color token, try out the Color Mixer game. This game is focused on color theory and how 2 colors can be used to make a totally new color! In sandbox mode, kids can play around and explore colors and how they mix. Play the game to test their knowledge! Octobo will show a color and it's your job to find the two colors that when mixed, make what Octobo says!


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