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Throwback Thursday: Check Out What Top Tech Editors Are Saying About Octobo @ CES 2020

Throwback Thursday: Check Out What Top Tech Editors Are Saying About Octobo @ CES 2020

We know we’re a little late with publishing our CES 2020 article. As the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are now forced to work at home and juggle childcare at the same time. Octobo is a great way to continue your child’s educational development while school is not in session. We want to share with you what some of the top tech editors are raving about Octobo.

CES is the world’s largest consumer technology trade show. Each year CES showcases the hottest technology and gadgets coming to the marketplace. This year Thinker-Tinker was honored by being selected as the top 10 finalist in the CES Last Gadget Standing for our product Octobo

We met with many tech enthusiasts and industry experts at this year’s CES. They all praised our product Octobo and how it’s such an innovative way to transform mindless screen time into active, meaningful playtime for kids. Here is what they are saying about Octobo.

Kidscreen is the leading international trade publication for kids entertainment professionals. Alexandra Whyte recently  reviewed Octobo and thought it was an innovative way to educate kids. 

Taking a tablet case a step further, Thinker-Tinker has created a next-generation stuffed animal. The octopus, dubbed Octobo, wraps around a traditional tablet and connects wirelessly to a device, which then gives the plush life. Aimed at the zero to three-year-old audience, the US$149 starter kit includes storybooks and interactive tokens for the octopus (and by extension the tablet) to interact with using sensors and the camera.

Miranda Siwak is an editor from The Toy Insider and The Toy Book, where they review all the latest toys and kid’s entertainment. Wrote this review of Octobo

Robots are so hot right now, and nothing can beat the feeling of cuddling a soft plush. So what do you get when you put the two together? Octobo, the first-of-its-kind plush robot.

Octobo was designed to improve motor and social interaction skills through innovative sensory technology and is compatible with tablets up to 8 inches. Octobo uses interactive storytelling and a companion educational app, titled Octobo Storytime Play, to highlight different learning lessons. The robot was created to change screen time, focus on play, and introduce interactive and dynamic content — all in a soft and cuddly animal for kids.

Kim Komando is a trusted media source for reliable, researched tech and digital advice. Her thoughts of Octobo was that it’s a fun and educational platform for kids.

While this isn’t a full-fledged robot, the Thinker-Tinker Octobo employs much of the philosophy behind soft robotics — combining a fun, friendly exterior with high technology. Kids can slide their tablet right into their Octobo plush to bring him to life and enjoy fun educational games that keep them coming back for more.

Romper is the leading platform for millennial moms that provides resources, advice and suggestions for a diverse generation of women and mothers. We met with Romper's Abi Schreier to discuss Octobo’s features

While most kids' tech and gadgets are plastic, robotic, electronic, and definitely not soft and cuddly, the Octobo combines all of the technology and interaction of a tech toy with the comforting softness of a stuffed animal. This sensory toy was a hit at CES, and the fact that it can work for practically any kid in your family has to be part of the reason.

Octobo was also reviewed by PC MagChild’s Play, and Cerebral-Overload. Overall it was an amazing CES 2020 show for us. Thank you for letting us share our journey with you. We wish everyone well and together we’ll get over this pandemic crisis!

Sending our love to you and your family,

Team Thinker-Tinker



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