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Octobo's Big City Adventure Storybook (Contact Us for the Audiobook Deal Code!)

Get 15% OFF! Octobo heads out of town and journeys to an exciting and sometimes scary Big City! Your child will adventure to discover the city’s hidden secrets and build their own additions to this fantastic story with the help of interactive Discovery Cards! Recommended for ages 2-7.


1x Octobo's Big City Adventure storybook, 6x reusable dry erase Discovery Cards, 1x Octobo Audiobook app (NEW!) 

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"[My daughter] enjoyed the story. I love the fact that you guys put the imagination piece because I truly believe that children see the world differently...I love the prompts. It is a good segway from the story to have a discussion and I think that's pretty cool. I do like books that provoke thought."

💙 Loved by James P.

How To Play Along with Octobo's Big City Adventure

As you read, you’ll notice on the LEFT pages of the book that Octobo uses his imagination to learn about his surroundings.
Do you agree with him? What do you think the items look like?

On the RIGHT side, search for the highlighted container objects. Can you find them all?
Use the dry erase Discovery Cards that come with the book to find the answers, draw what you imagine is inside, and learn how to spell your favorite objects! Be creative and change what you think the container objects are holding as often as you like.

"I think the concept is really cool. With my son having some developmental issues, it's really hard for him to draw - he doesn't like to do it. So anything that gets him to put a pen or marker in his hand and do something is a win. I love the idea of taking a story and having that element in it."

💙 Loved by Elizabeth S.

The NEW Audiobook App for Bedtime Stories

Each of Octobo’s storybooks come with an audiobook as well! Let Octobo read bedtime stories to your little ones, and also reinforce daytime learning! PLUS, with the new Octobo Audiobook app, you can read Octobo's Big City Adventure with OR without the Octobo plush. To all the busy parents out there, give yourself a little break and let audiobook mode help with bedtime stories.

As the child recognizes the visual hints (object highlights) in the storybook and discusses possibilities with a parent or teacher, the child is actually developing skills in Joint Attention that will lead directly to collaborative teamwork in future years.

The content of the Discovery Cards themselves also promote vocabulary building and spelling. Octobo sets the table on each spread by discovering a new base concept (downtown, restaurant, etc.). Then, children and caregivers use our discovery card system to attach even more new words within the previously learned context.

Book Specifications

Board book: 16 pages, rounded edges
Discovery Cards: 6 cards
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-7353346-0-8
Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 7.2 inches
Product Weight: 0.35 kg / 0.8 lbs

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