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Octobo is a cross-media play platform that provides new family-friendly experiences to immerse kids in stories and learning adventures with a lovable interactive companion that brings the mobile play experience to life. Our mobile device automatically connects with the Octobo plush, which registers sensor data and feeds them into the mobile game app to trigger gameplay interactions.

Utilizing the sensors in mobile devices and built-in soft sensors in the physical components (plush, storybooks, tokens), Octobo creates a new interface and experience for kids and families – which is tactile, social, loving, immersive and connects with the player on an emotional level.

Bring the Digital App Experience to Life!

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Endless Digital Experiences

Our unique platform model makes Octobo easily upgradeable depending on your child’s needs. Our content and learning activities will continue to expand and grow with your child with storykits, apps, and games!

Octobo Story app brings Octobo to life. Adventure with Octobo as your child experiences interactive stories and educational game challenges. Octobo Fun & Games is an entertaining extension to our first app with games like Ink Race. Test kids’ motor skills with a color-coded speed challenge that works with Octobo’s colored tentacles. Coming soon to Fun & Games is Octobo Says, a repetitive game that tests your memory! Our work breaks the definition of a “game controller” and provides more ways to play with the digital app. Use Octobo Audiobooks app to let your friendly pal Octobo read you his story, or run the app without the plush on the go - in restaurants, in the car or during a family trip! Try using our apps in different ways!

Octobo's Interactive Storybooks

Octobo’s storybooks are specially designed with interaction prompts and story arcs to aid the digital play.

Our interactive storykits, Octobo’s Underwater Adventure, and Octobo and the Great Letter Search challenges kids to guide Octobo through the adventure by giving him the right RFID token. Through Octobo’s expressive reactions and animations in real time through the Octobo apps, children develop critical thinking and logic in an experience that has not been done before.

E-books, especially at the elementary level, are often able to provide more opportunity for children to build skills that wouldn’t otherwise be developed using solely a physical book. With our new series, including Octobo’s Big City Adventure, the Octobo audiobook app serves as an innovative digital resource to read and learn.

“I believe Octobo can be a powerful socio-emotional, STEM, and literacy learning tool. The features of Octobo make it unique and accessible for children of varying developmental stages. It’s so inspiring to see a toy that uses technology to stimulate positive interactions, emotional awareness, and most importantly, play amongst our youngest learners.”
– Jessica Livornese, Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education, Teacher and Researcher focusing on Childhood Development

New Interface, New Experience, New World

Octobo is not just a toy or controller, he is a character that opens up a whole new digital environment for kids and families. Octobo is a real companion that brings digital connections to the real world as kids explore, learn and adventure with him and his friends!

Octobo comes with many Games, Tokens, and Story Experiences for a Reinforced Learning Environment

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The Agnant and Korver family explain how Octobo has become a favorite in their household.!

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